Les Cayes

Les Cayes, often referred to as Aux Cayes is a commune and seaport in the Les Cayes Arrondissement, in the South department of Haiti , with a population of 71,236. Les Cayes is one of Haiti's major ports, with export trade concentrating on mostly coffee and Sugarcane. As the world’s largest supplier of Vetiver it exports 250 tons annually of this ingredient of perfume and fragrance manufacturing.

The island of what was known by the Spanish as Hispaniola was inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous peoples. The first European settlement in the southwest area was the town of Salvatierra de la Sabana, founded by the Spanish explorer Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in 1504. Vasco Nunez de Balboa was a co-founder of this town. Vasco Núñez de Balboa, later on September 25, 1513 would discover the South Sea, today known as the Pacific Ocean.

The area was uninhabited until the French colonial administration founded  the town of Aux Cayes , so named due to its proximity to Ile-a-Vache. Simon Bolivar  twice went to Les Cayes, in 1815 and 1816, seeking assistance from President Alexander Petion  for his insurgency against the Spanish colonial government in Venezuela.

Les Cayes plays a significant role in Haitian tourism industry

Gelée Beach:One of the longest and most visited beaches in Haiti with white sand beach and also for hosting an annual music festival around mid-August which usually features some of the best Compas music bands.

The Botanical Garden of Les Cayes located in Bergeau, at the northern entrance of the city. The site occupies an area of eight (8) hectares.

Les Cayes has an airport, in process of adding a new 3,000-metre runway strip and a new terminal to the airport. Another airport project is also planned for the neighboring island of Île-à-Va

Les Cayes has some training centers

The American University of the Caribbean, Haiti (AUC)

The American University of the Caribbean, Haiti. (AUC)

The Public University of The south in Les Cayes, (UPSAC)

The Public University of The south in Les Cayes, (UPSAC)

The Law and Economics School of les Cayes (EDSEC.), Haiti.

The Law and Economics School of les Cayes (EDSEC.)

Hôspital Immaculée Conception (HIC-Cayes)

It is the public hospital with emergency department, maternity ward, and a dental clinic for Les Cayes and the Sud Department.